How it works.

QUOTATION. Enter you vehicle registration and your Postcode and click the Get Quote button, our exclusive data base will search for the best scrap car valuation in your area.The system will then automatically take into account its age and anything else which we can identify as having extra value. Not all cars are are assumed to have scrap value as many have saleable parts and items of higher value e.g alloy wheels, which can be taken into consideration.Your 100% GUARANTEED PRICE will then be displayed. NOTE: The car must be complete have four wheels and be accessible. If you reject our quote you can always come back later, but please be aware prices can fall.
ACCEPTANCE. You accept the guaranteed price and leave us your contact details.A member of staff will contact you from your nearest depot usually within 1 hour during the working day. They will confirm your details and arrange a suitable time to carry out the scrap car pickup.
COLLECTION. Approximately one hour before arrival, you will receive a courtesy call to confirm we are on our way to collect the vehicle.The driver will complete the necessary paperwork, (V5 also known as LOG BOOK) and pay your money either by bank transfer or cheque. This should only take a short time. You will be required to produce two forms of ID one being photographic and the other a utility bill, this is to conform to the scrap metal dealers act 2013.For your records a certificate of destruction (CoD) will be issued by email before the end of the next working day after collection (if applicable).