Thousands unable to tax vehicles as DVLA website swamped

A new system to tax your car which came into operation today at the DVLA has been swamped by over 30,000 more people visiting the site compared to last year. Thousands of motorists have been unable to renew their car tax on line, also known as vehicle excise duty (V.E.D.).
According to reports some people have spent up 13 hours on line trying to renew their licence. Anyone unable to renew on line can still tax their vehicle at any post office which issues the vehicle excise duty licences.
Under the new scheme someone buying a car will no longer be able to benefit from any unused period of the month left on the licence, even though the new owner will need to renew the tax immediately. Therefore if the vehicle is sold at the beginning of the month excise duty will be paid twice as the new owner will need to tax the vehicle from the beginning of the month and the seller will not receive a refund on the portion not used.
The DVLA expects to save around £10m by not having to print and distribute paper tax discs, although the RAC has previously said the system could result in tax evasion of around £167m.
With the increased numbers of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras around those not paying will be spotted, or there details will show up on line.
Did You Know:
The first tax disc was issued in 1921 and cost £6
The perforated edge introduced in 1938 was suspended between 1942 and 1952
Over 1.7 billion have been issued since 1921